router, firewall
transparent proxy with port numbers saving
multifunctional NAT
dynamic TCP shapers
distributed VPN interconnections
build-in DHCP, HTTP servers
flexible HTTP cache, automatic “on-the-fly” authorization
authorization, authentication and accounting
server's network opportunites on the generic Windows versions

  RusRoute - comprehensive router, firewall and Internet gateway solution for Windows. Extremely feature-rich and impressively handy. Also free. Highly-recommended. -- Softoxi
RusRoute is a router and firewall, Internet gateway for Windows, it is the ideal solution for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of any firm, the users' traffic encountering and restricting, protection against of network attacks with functions of NAT, redirect, dynamic TCP shaper with conditional expressions, VPN server, transparent proxy with port numbers saving, LAN to VPN Bridge, DHCP servers, HTTP caches, HTTP to HTTP proxy converter, captive portal feature, timed action and Splitters for rules, with advanced routing options.
TCP connections speed can be very improved by using legal TCP stack replacement by any of 12+ Linux TCP stacks algorithms starting a simple network utility on a machine with Linux (guest virtual, or standalone real) operation system.

Freeware option for home users, see details.

Works even on Windows 7 Starter.

The choosing of router solution for making Internet gateway is allowing to avoid many problems of using such alternatives as a proxy. And the RusRoute firewall software solution is allowing to achieve required flexibility and universality.

  Notes :
  2008 Server and PPTP: RusRoute can route PPTP, L2TP to not its own IP.
  The handling of some local services of 2008 Server (with not physical but a "logical" network adapters) is not supported (PPTP, L2TP).
  All versions of Windows: RusRoute works with network adapters with one IP per adapter
  NDIS6 drivers: RusRoute can not work properly with NDIS6 NIC drivers
  Windows 8: RusRoute is not working on Windows 8.
  Other projects of MaaSoftware :
  FtpServer - freeware and fast FTP server for Windows 32/64 bits and Unix.
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Project status
Not supported.

Current release: 1.9.6, 01 June 2016

Release info: HTTP partial context caching is fixed. Something (Linux CentOS 6,7, etc) can be installed and reinstalled behind RusRoute with caching now. Please cleanup RusRoute cache if you are upgrading from previous versions.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 bits
2 cores 32/64 bits i386/amd64 CPU 1.8 GHz or better
1-2 GB RAM, 4 cores CPU with a large cache is recommended

Download: 32/64 bits exe zip 64 bits only 12.8 Mb (We are recommending to use generic setup which is including and using all 64 bits components (exe or zip link at the left) and install program into RusRoute folder of disk root directory for x64 bits versions of Windows.)
0ae1abd419510684fb26c64fff4ce67c58ff934d  RusRoute_v1_9_6.exe
45c2d60013498d9f8c76ac66221eeea040497a45  RusRoute_v1_9_6(x64).exe

b0762d254b224c67aee8b2451474e321  RusRoute_v1_9_6.exe
28c7e5e4612d0f7fa43e81591d3b4950  RusRoute_v1_9_6(x64).exe
RusRoute - Versions history
Version Release date Release notes
RusRoute 1.9.5 26 May 2016 One mutex deadlock fixed. Static objects initialization is synchronized. Build tested as stable.
RusRoute 1.9.4 17 May 2016 Some race-conditions according to using static objects in multuthreaded environment are avoided. Compilation with instrinc functions. Drivers and executables are signed. Multithreaded packets sheduler. Unstable. Thanks all who has not helped.
RusRoute 1.9.3 22 December 2014 Time zones bug fix to prevent hangup.
RusRoute 1.9.2 21 December 2014 Unsuccessful try to fix time zones bug to prevent hangup. Error is in Windows.
RusRoute 1.9.1 20 August 2014 Optional simple ports protection by using multiply counters per IPs for firewall rules.
RusRoute 1.8.10 20 August 2014 The simple ports protection by using counters for firewall rules parameters matching.
RusRoute 1.8.9 14 December 2013 SMTP settings option for removing escaped by '>' strings in messages' headers (Exim 4.80 BUGFIX).
RusRoute 1.8.8 3 July 2013 100% core loading is fixed for some HTTP connections.
RusRoute 1.8.7 17 May 2013 Rules splitters are fixed. Docs for splitters and HTTP subst macros are added. 2 HTTP macros are added.
RusRoute 1.8.6 10 November 2012 Installer is suggesting to install generic version of driver instead of experimental version (inf files are different). The generic version is binding with Ethernet adapters only, not with VMware Network Adapters, for example.
RusRoute 1.8.5 28 July 2012 Startup bug is fixed. Thread pool is added. Multyply sockets/connections per thread feature. Return back to the HTTP fiter of 1.7.10 version. Fast sockets' timers.
RusRoute 1.8.4 24 March 2012 Config wizard bug is fixed.
RusRoute 1.8.3 4 January 2012 HTTP filter is speed up (CPU usage is reduced). Authorization by MAC address option is added.
RusRoute 1.8.2 28 August 2011 HTTP logs in Apache format are added. Apache formatted HTTP logs parser dialog added. HTTP to HTTP proxy converter is added. Forced Basic HTTP proxy authorization is added (Menu item is called "Forced NTLM proxy authorization" for new HTTP filter).
RusRoute 1.8.1 21 July 2011 All drivers and executables are digitally signed. So it is easier to install RusRoute on x64 platform, it is no need to use test signing mode, self signing of the drivers is eliminated from installer.
The new HTTP filter (with not implemented HTTP to HTTP proxy conversion and forced NTLM proxy authorization).
The old (RusRoute <= 1.7.10) filter is present, its name is "HTTP <= 1.7.10".
RusRoute is passed Windows 7 x64 compatibility test. Test results are here.
PPPoE on the only (single) interface option is added.
RusRoute 1.7.10 18 June 2011 Some login diagnostics messages are added. Suppress log option for reduce CPU usage, ping improving is added.
RusRoute 1.7.9 30 April 2011 The ability to change VPN adapter network IP and mask, more clean firewall rules names in the GUI.
RusRoute 1.7.8 3 April 2011 Support of SkyDNS filtering service, firewall rules wizard is improved.
RusRoute 1.7.7 25 Jan 2011 Recompillation with Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010
RusRoute setup of 1.7.5 version is in downloads folder too
RusRoute 1.7.6 no_date Never six version
RusRoute 1.7.5 17 Nov 2010 Connection is closing before the last of data is transferred error is fixed.
RusRoute 1.7.4 17 Oct 2010 Performance related changes (more than 8 MBytes/sec on 100 Mbits networks) and CPU usage.
Shapers are improved (you can share bandwidth between some number of users in dynamic with inactivity condition and so on).
RusRoute 1.7.3 20 May 2010 Bug of strict shapers limits and kernel mode tcp optimizations are always turned off is fixed.
Free mode is extended for 15 concurrent working firewall users.
RusRoute 1.7.2 17 May 2010 Calculations of arithmetic expressions in the C/C++ compiler operators precedence order.
The ability to use arithmetic expressions for speed limit values.
The new function of getting the number of users connected through specific rule.
The new modificators of constants (xbits/s).
You can simple split bandwidth in the shapers between users by using simple
512 kbit/s / (RuleUsersCount(8.1) + RuleUsersCount(6.1) + RuleUsersCount(11.1)) formula.
RusRoute 1.7.1 24 April 2010 Short time unidirectional tcp data connections transfer bug is fixed.
Optional on-the-fly http Basic authorization is added.
Captive portal feature added.
The ability of blocking of external http black domains and urls lists are added.
RusRoute 1.5.5 10 April 2010 Access violation bug of previous version is fixed.
Test access to our VPN server is available. See forum for details.
RusRoute 1.5.4 08 April 2010 Algorithm decision explanation in the log window for some cases is added. Statically compiled binaries of congestion control and avoidance TCP program for Windows and Linux are included into installation. Some GUI missed visualization is fixed.
RusRoute 1.5.3 29 March 2010 English help files are updated. Buffered data pushing is improved in the cases of connection is lost (for example, while some https servers are resets connections immediately on last data is sent). Compilled by a new version of Visual Studio 2010 with minor of changes.
RusRoute 1.5.2 16 March 2010 You HAVE TO uninstall previous version of RusRoute and reboot for update can be processed.

Many improvements in stability and functionality. Support of unicode character set. More detailed tcp connections info visualisation, support of cellular modems which are not obtaining server IP for connection (for Megafon and MTS you are need to switch off special settings of NAT and redirect to IP for rule named [Lan DNS redirect], what is some incompatibility for DNS connections handling for that and similar providers), autodialing with log functionality, IDNA (International DNS utf8 names) optional on-the-fly convertions support for testing.
RusRoute 1.5.1 31 Jan 2010 Conditional adjustments of connection speed in shapers by using functional expressions of data transferred size, speed, time and http url content type. Some number of other improvements.
RusRoute 1.4.9 23 Dec 2009 Bug in the shapers is fixed. Some modifications of http POST method handling for cgi for build-in http server.
RusRoute 1.4.8 23 Nov 2009 Bug in HTTP cache (of 1.4.7 version only) is fixed.
RusRoute 1.4.7 20 Nov 2009 VMWare support: supporting of binding with VMWare VMnet adapters, BindView utility is added, IP fragmentation bug is fixed, support of ICMP destination unreachable is extended, displaying of local TCP connection info, some optimization is performed.
Note that VMWare Server used for testing have a very buggly implementetion. But it can work tolerably on the particular configuration.
RusRoute 1.4.6 3 Nov 2009 Http to http proxy converter (for possibility of updating Windows 7 through proxy). Optional Windows TCP stack replacement by Linux stacks collection or by stack of other virtual machine Guest OS (this can for example speed up TCP connections of Windows 7 by 20 times). Graphics of network performance in the adapters page.
RusRoute 1.4.4 12 Oct 2009 Incompatibility bug with 32 bits Windows Vista and Windows 7 is fixed.
RusRoute 1.4.3 23 Sep 2009 Known bugs of dropping some multicast packets, bugs in authentification between service and GUI and in the uninstaller are fixed.
RusRoute 1.4.2 13 Sep 2009 Known bugs of previous version related to service mode of firewall are fixed, authorization and encryption between GUI and service is created.
RusRoute 1.4.1 9 Aug 2009 Separated part of firewall as a service to working with out of logon too.
RusRoute 1.3.7 18 Jun 2009 Changes in SMTP and HTTP filters. Support of HTTP/1.1 for build-in http server. Optional NTLMv1 http proxy authorization.
RusRoute 1.3.6 29 Jun 2009 Multithread/multicore bug in xml library fixed.
RusRoute 1.3.5 21 Jun 2009 HTTP cache related changes, Referer field is optionaly blocked for cross-domain Referer only.
RusRoute 1.3.4 13 Jun 2009 Build-in DHCP servers, HTTP caches, x64 support improved - drivers are signing and working in the Test mode of Windows Vista / Windows 7.
RusRoute 1.3.3 23 Apr 2009 Fixed PPPoE and some other connections bug, some types of TCP scans blocking option.
RusRoute 1.3.2 1 Mar 2009 New tcp library, new driver with support of PPPoE, multicast TV receive wizard, advanced info for each tcp connection and other.
RusRoute 1.3.1 10 Jan 2009 Support for broadcast packets for VPN Bridge is added.
RusRoute 1.2.10 29 Nov 2008 Multiple default gateway compatibility improvement, strict shaper option added.
RusRoute 1.2.9 3 Nov 2008 Updated shapers algorithm
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