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• IPv4, IPv6 router, firewall   • transparent proxy
• multifunctional NAT • dynamic TCP shapers
• distributed VPN interconnections • build-in DHCP, HTTP servers
• flexible HTTP cache, automatic “on-the-fly” authorization  authorization, authentication and accounting
• server's network opportunites on the non-server Windows versions
firewall, router solution of  Moiseenko A.A.
RusRoute firewall research project is flexible software IPv4 and IPv6 router and firewall, Internet gateway for Windows, it is the ideal solution for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of small company, the users' traffic encountering and restricting, protection against of network attacks with functions of NAT, redirect, dynamic TCP shaper with conditional expressions, VPN server/client, transparent proxy with port numbers saving, LAN to VPN Bridge, DHCP servers, FTP servers, multicast UDP proxies, HTTP caches, HTTP to HTTP proxy converter, captive portal feature, timed action and Splitters for rules, with advanced routing possibilities.

The next functions are not supported: Captive Portal for https connections, multicast routing, https caching, content filtering, IPv6 VPN, VPN multicast.

RusRoute firewall 2.5.6
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RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.6 (EXE, 0 Bytes), has downloaded 78 times.

New in version:
+ New http web API functions: IpListAdd and IpListAddEx.
+ Cosmetic improvements of build-in http web server working on port 10000.
The IpListAddEx command can generate up to 20 lists of IPv4/IPv6 addresses from n=0 to n=19 with a specified timeout (timeout) in seconds (-1 - no time limit, 0 - delete entry). Further, this list can be used in lists of IP addresses for rules, for example, to dynamically block unwanted addresses. Addresses for lists can be taken, for example, from parsing program logs or Windows application logs, similar to the operation of the fail2ban utility in Linux. To simplify the work of such a third-party program, if you need to block after 5 intrusion attempts in the last 15 minutes, you can use the IpListAddEx command, which for the same lists adds an IP address to list n with a timeout of 15 minutes. IpListAdd/IpListAddEx ignore the IP addresses specified on the "Special settings" page in the setting "Ban ignore IPs for API lists", IP addresses are specified in the setting separated by a space, the word "localhost" and an empty string are reserved for addresses, :: 1 and all addresses of network cards of RusRoute firewall PC. In the 0th list, through the IpListAddEx RusRoute function, the firewall automatically adds IP addresses with incorrect authorization passwords to the built-in http web server and according to the FTP filter authorization failures.

5 November 2022 year, Saturday,
Author: Andrey Moiseenko


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