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• IPv4, IPv6 router, firewall   • transparent proxy
• multifunctional NAT • dynamic TCP shapers
• distributed VPN interconnections • build-in DHCP, HTTP servers
• flexible HTTP cache, automatic “on-the-fly” authorization  authorization, authentication and accounting
• server's network opportunites on the non-server Windows versions
firewall, router solution of  Moiseenko A.A.
RusRoute firewall research project is flexible software IPv4 and IPv6 router and firewall, Internet gateway for Windows, it is the ideal solution for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of small company, the users' traffic encountering and restricting, protection against of network attacks with functions of NAT, redirect, dynamic TCP shaper with conditional expressions, VPN server, transparent proxy with port numbers saving, LAN to VPN Bridge, DHCP servers, HTTP caches, HTTP to HTTP proxy converter, captive portal feature, timed action and Splitters for rules, with advanced routing options.

     Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 / Server 2008 R2/2012 R2/2016/2019, 32/64 bits.
     It is required to install the KB3033929 (SHA2 support) on Windows 7 manually.
       Buy the licence:
     About us: Softpedia, LO4D, WorldSoftCat, SwCat.
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6 January 2023 year, Friday
Signed driver loading disabled.  
News - News
Today Windows 10 x64 has stopped the loading the RusRoute firewall driver signed exactly 4 years ago.
When reinstalling the Windows driver, no errors were reported, but the reinstallation did not help.
If the driver is not working, the RusRoute firewall service cannot connect to it, it stops.
The GUI application cannot connect to the service, after several attempts it reports that.

We are working on resolving the issue.
If somebody has a positive experience of signing Windows drivers in a current time, I would be very grateful if you could tell me detailed how to do it in the new realities.

As a temporary solution, I suggest to put Windows into a test mode of disabling driver signature verification and to install one of the latest versions of a self-signed driver from the C:\RusRoute\Data directory.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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7 January 2023 year, Saturday
RusRoute firewall 2.5.12  
News - Releases
RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.12 (EXE, 15.3 MB), has downloaded 65 times.

New in version:
+ Support for a new version of RusRoute dynamic DNS (available to registered users upon request, reservation of names like
+ A lot of small changes in the ToolsLib library, slightly speeding up the work of library classes and functions and making working with them safer, bringing the source code of the library to greater compliance with the C++ standard.
+ Found that reducing network buffers has almost no effect on performance, so in this version the buffer sizes are reduced to 64 KB to save memory.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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12 December 2022 year, Monday
RusRoute firewall 2.5.11  
News - Releases
RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.11 (EXE, 15.3 MB), has downloaded 58 times.

New in version:
- Fixed a bug of version 2.5.10 of extremely high CPU usage when working with TCP shapers.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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6 December 2022 year, Tuesday
RusRoute firewall 2.5.10  
News - Releases
RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.10 (EXE, 0 Bytes), has downloaded 44 times.

New in version:
+ ToolsLib library classes that work with sockets have been rewritten to minimize the number of system calls. The API compatibility has been preserved.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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27 November 2022 year, Sunday
RusRoute firewall 2.5.9  
News - Releases
RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.9 (EXE, 0 Bytes), has downloaded 68 times.

New in version:
+ More softer parameters for fast mutex spinlocks before switching to another thread.
+ Acceleration of the RusRoute firewall service function, which receives information about TCP connections for monitoring in a graphical application.
+ New global options "Global number of TCP connections limit" and "Global number of TCP connections per IP limit".
+ Many minor changes in the used ToolsLib library - cleaned up the code, made it more compliant with the C++ standard.
+ Successfully tested the program with 3000+ simultaneous Internet connections, which transmit / receive small data after the connection is established, then close with a 120 seconds timeout. At the same time, the RusRoute firewall continued to serve new connections and it was possible to monitor and filter connections in the GUI application.
+ Other minor changes.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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19 November 2022 year, Saturday
RusRoute firewall 2.5.8  
News - Releases
RusRoute firewall: Download RusRoute firewall 2.5.8 (EXE, 0 Bytes), has downloaded 48 times.

New in version:
+ Most of the mutexes have been replaced with fast mutexes based on std::atomic based on the principle of win32 critical sections with spinlocks.
+ Speed ​​up/reduce CPU load by using fast mutexes, the efficiency is different in different places. The data transfer rate from the http cache, for example, is 1.5 Gbps on my bench.
- Minor fixes in mail protocol filters.
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Author: Andrey Moiseenko 
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